The German Experience – Osnabrück

Here I am. Germany. Again. I chose it because it’s time to refresh my German a bit, I haven’t used it for maybe 14 years. Right now I’m in a small town in Northwest Germany, called Osnabruck. I arrived on Friday and started to work. I made a joke that I came from the airport straight to the stage but actually, it’s true. When I told the manager I’d like to take a shower before work she just looked at me like I am an alien. Shower? What for? But I convinced her so she let me take a quick shower and I made a 5 mins make-up and let’s the show start!
The system here is I get €40 fix salary per day, after 10 mins private dance I get €20, coctail €5, piccolo €10 (that’s a small bottle of prosecco) and the dancers make an american tour after each dance on stage to collect the house dollars which is €0.5. And then the bottles from €100 to €400, the dancer get 20% commission. Pretty much the same system in Germany almost everywhere. Friday was not so busy as I thought. I had some drinks and dances but some girls made zero. On a Friday night! Saturday didn’t seem to be promising either. We open at 9pm (until 5am) and the people started to come only after midnight. That’s the most boring couple of hours waiting! You don’t have anybody to talk to, the other girls still look at you like stranger, no customer to entertain, and you are not allowed to use your phone for passing the time (which I never understand, what’s the point of it when there is no customers?!) But luckily after midnight the club got busy and everyone made some money. I had 5 private dances with the same group of guys. They were quite funny and entertaining. One of them paid a private dance but he made a topless show for me in the cabin. I was full laughing and giggling, if someone heard me from outside I’m sure he questioned what the hell’s going on in there. But I didn’t care, I had fun. It was not the “I got naked and he tries to touch me everywhere” kind of dance. Sometimes it’s good to play stupid, it can be very refreshing.
But then we had some weirdos. A guy who constantly were using the ladies toilet until a girl find out he was jerking there and he left every bits of his sperm on the toilet seat. Such a nice gesture! Well, there are intelligent and not so intelligent people here in Germany too…
But the funniest thing: I met a girl here again that I worked with in another club. Let’s say we didn’t become friends there. Here I didn’t recognised her (which is strange from me because usually, I’m the one who saying first “I know you, we were working together here and here.” But with this girl, we even introduced ourselves in the changing room and none of us recognised the other! Then later she came to me:
“Have you worked in Luxembourg?”
Shit, it came to my mind immediately and I remember all! She was a proper bitch to me! Once we were sitting at the same table with customers and a bottle of champagne and she told the guy I poured the champagne on the carpet. It was obvious that she told him because he sat showing his back to me, he couldn’t see it unless he has eyes on the back too. And then he told the manager “Why I should pay another bottle if she just wasting it?” (I see his point but we are talking about 4 or 5 bottles divide between 2 girls because they didn’t drink champagne, so it’s 2 or 2.5 bottle each just at that table, you really can’t think we can drink that much! But I always make sure nobody sees when I get rid of some.) So I left the table and they paid another bottle to another girl. I was very pissed and pissed off.
For some reason, she didn’t like me, even when she came to the club on her day off with one of her friends and they bought dollars to the girls, they gave to everyone except me. Another story I remember about her is one girl had some alcohol in her bag in the changing room and she was 100% sure that this girl told the manager about it. That girl almost got fired. I don’t like this kind of mentality, we are in the same boat, we should help each other not making the work more difficult for the others.
But now we work together again! Not to mention we share the same room (2 girls per room)! I try to treat it like we just met first time here and it seems she also. On the first days, I’m so depend on the other girls and it wouldn’t be a good idea to start a new job fighting with someone. We won’t be friends for sure, but I don’t want to continue when we left in Luxembourg. And we found a mutual habit! We went to the store together to buy food and she just told me she’s going to buy some wine. Lately, it became my habit too to keep some in my fridge and drink when I feel to so I got bright sparks in my eyes at work. A drink buddy! Specially when I saw the prices here. I can’t understand why is so cheap here. I like the Pinot Grigio which is in England around £6, here only €3 (£2.5) So we bought not one but 2 bottles. I’m not a typical dancer who needs a little boost before work but I can’t say no to a good wine. And maybe the saying is right as a bottle of wine makes good friendship (or at least makes a bad one normal) We drank one bottle at home and as a good alcoholic dancer would do, we put the other one in a plastic bottle and we took it to work. But after the boring start, I had no mood to carry on drinking, and after I had no time to do so. Here is stage show all night, that means I have to dance maybe 7-8 times on stage. After 2 days I don’t feel my feet. Lately, I worked in clubs where I didn’t dance, I even made a joke that I’m an exotic talker instead of an exotic dancer. But I have a feeling this would be the place where I need to purchase a new pair of dancer shoes, refering to the name of the blog.
But my new friend finished the wine plus she had drinks with customers and after work, she tried to convince me to go with her to a bar for some beer when my only wishes are a shower, a foot massage and my bed. And of course after that amount of alcohol she showed the side of her that I had that much problems with in Luxembourg but this time she wasn’t complaining about me and called me a bitch but she was complaining about other girls to me. Oh well…
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Club overview – Remich, Luxembourg

I must say that was my shortest contract with a club ever. I booked my place through an agency and the conditions sounded good. They offered 70€ fix salary per day plus 20% drink commission plus the dances and free accommodation. Not bad at all. I arrived from France on the train quite late at night. A guy was waiting for me outside the train station. He looked OK for first sight (if I smell danger, I just don’t sit in his car), he told me the club is outside Luxembourg city so we need to take a short drive. It was nothing unusual or made me suspicious. They helped me with the luggage in the apartment (it was heavy and stupid me put the locker keys inside so I needed someone strong to cut the metal locker) and then they introduced me to the boss. He took me into the kitchen of the club and explained all the basic rules that I knew from the agency anyway, but it’s always good when they repeat everything in person. He told me he’s expecting 2 more girls from my country so I won’t be alone. I went back to the apartment to relax. The place was nice with a big and clean kitchen, bathroom. The room for the girls was quite big too but a bit crowded. If I remember well there were beds for 7-8 girls in the same room, and even the room was big it’s not as healthy as everyone has a different daily routine. But for the short term, I can deal with it.
Later the other 2 girls arrived and they were super nice! I was happy to meet them. So we got ready for work together (the others were already working) and it was lots of talk about our previous experiences in different clubs. The problems started later. For them, the boss didn’t say anything, just when we started our shift and we were together he came to us asking our passports. He said he will give them back the next day. But one of the girls insisted, she said to him she would only give the copy of her passport. (In my experience it’s not unusual when they take the passport for one day, in Europe, I never been worried about it so much as I always have my ID with me and in any case of trouble I can travel with it within the EU.) But I didn’t like the reaction of the boss, that was the first warning sign. Bosses don’t like the girl who knows her rights and not afraid to open her mouth. He told her if she doesn’t want to give him her passport, she can leave the club in that very moment (it was about 11 pm and we were outside of the city, no public transport in these hours.) So what other chances we had? We gave him our passports but with not a good feeling and we started to work. I explained all the rules to the girls that the boss told me earlier. Especially the “no sex in the champagne room!” It was a quiet night, we were sitting on the sofa talking and watching the other girls – who had regulars or so – work. They were pretty and very young from Estonia and a few Romanians. And our bad feelings are increased when we saw a girl kissing her customer and 15 minutes later kissing with another. We saw two guys kissing before they took two girls into the private. But the most horrific was the girl at the bar who got wasted on drinks (when I say drinks I mean cocktails or glass of champagne, not bottles. It means she made maybe 2€ on each drink) She was sitting on the guy’s lap on a high bar chair, basically giving him a lap dance for free. And they were really into it. We felt like we are in a kind of cinema or peep show. Again I have to say but this is not my work style as it was not the girls’ either. We were actually shocked. The whole place looked so cheap and “dirty”, against all the rules that the boss explained to me earlier. And the show just continued when our favourite couple at the bar was more and more into the moves and the guy stood up to press his crotch harder against the girl’s butt, the chair felt on the floor and it was clearly visible that the girl’s bikini bottom under the skirt was pulled to the side. Probably there was a good reason for this, everyone can imagine by his/her own fantasy.
We already decided to leave and not finish our contract. I can’t compeer with girls who work in this way. And not long after we agreed to move on, the police has appeared to check the place out. The police officer asked for our passport and I think that was our luck. We had to tell him that the boss took our passports, they called to question him. I didn’t understand their conversation but it seemed the boss was in trouble because of that. Soon he appeared with our passports and gave them back to us. He didn’t look happy at all. And after the police left, he told us he doesn’t want us to stay because we only cause problems for him! (We were quite happy because we didn’t need to gather all our courage to tell him we want to leave.) I can’t say bad because he also gave us our one day salary with our passports. At least in that way, he was correct. But we definitely didn’t want to stay because we had the feeling that much goes on there than dancing. Maybe he just needed some professional dancer to cover his real business. Later I told the story to a friend of mine and he said: “Yes, you were lucky because there are some rumours about that club that some girls were locked in a room there to force for prostitution”. Seeing the place and the boss, I can imagine…
I’m telling this story because lately, I got emails that I have a funny and glamorous job. No. It’s not always fun. Apparently, it can be dangerous sometimes.
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Happy 2014 to all!

I hope this year brings lots of new people, adventure and travel into my life, just like the previous one…
Someone asked me a good question and it made me think: what is my goal with writing this blog? I would just simply say to share experience, the good and bad side of this profession. Nothing else really. I don’t have journalist skills and as you can notice I don’t write on my mother language (I apologise ahead for all the grammar mistakes I make here) but I gained a big experience with men over the past 5 years. And some was really a jaw-dropping one.
I know men and women are different. The different way of thinking and different needs. And when I say I understand that, I really mean it. I’m not a nagging and yelling type of girl, and if my guy needs space, I give it to him. I’m not making problems over a few beers with colleagues after work or getting easily jealous. I understand the different problem-solving technics and I’m there for support but not asking every minute what’s wrong and try to talk about it. And I don’t even remember when I asked a guy “do you still love me?” I can say, the guy with me can feel he won the jackpot.
But I’m still single. I don’t know, maybe it’s just about luck, but I feel I always met the wrong type. Of course, I’ve read about all the expectations, that you will get what you give, follow your heart and the Universe helps you to achieve your desires and so on, but I’ve been in some very awkward situations lately. And the point I still can’t understand, why women are reading thousands of self-help books to make their relationships better, while men are more and more lazy to take their part in this. Some can be a real jerk even with a stripper (how do they behave with their girlfriends/wives then?) For example I had a customer the other day here in Luxembourg. He was nice, he usually spends some time in London so he asked me out when the next time we are both there. I thought why not, I give him a chance and I gave him my number… Then he said he go to the toilette, and he just disappeared. Without even saying Goodbye. It’s OK, I thought maybe he changed his mind or whatever. I forgot about the situation. But after a few days, he sent me a text! “Hello Lindsay, how have you been? This is Daniel. I’d love to take you out tonight for dinner and wine. Can you make it by 8 pm? Daniel :)” This time he was already in London, I was still in Luxembourg. And I wouldn’t have been surprised, but I told him I go back only in 2 weeks time. I’m wondering did he really heard what I was saying to him???? “I’m working tonight from 8 pm in the club” I hoped he realises I’m still in Luxembourg. I also told him, when I’m in London, I don’t work. “Hello 🙂 would you like we meet over drinks and we spend the evening together when you’re done from work tonight? I’m staying at the Four Season hotel in Park Lane. Where are you based in London?”That’s it. I started to be angry. Not about he suggested spending the night in a hotel with a total stranger (this kind of offers I get very often) but the lack of the minimum attention and respect to somebody he wants to spend a night with and obviously expecting an incredible amazing sex affair. “Man didn’t you understand that I’m still in Luxembourg til mid-January??????” That point I didn’t even want to be nice… “I was last Friday in Luxembourg. Btw, cannot you be more polite with manners when you type? You seem very aggressive not relaxed type!” I just started to laugh. I couldn’t believe my eyes… First I know that he was in Luxembourg as we met here last Friday. I remember very well as he sneaked out saying he’s going to the toilet. I can’t be that drunk to forget which city or country I am. And I’m the one who is not polite here???? And he feels he has the right judging my way of typing or behaviour? Pfff, please… He was wrong. I wasn’t aggressive but extremely shocked. After he said he’s going to the washroom and disappeared, he really thought that I want to meet up with him again? End of story. No more messages. But the whole situation made me think what’s wrong with men these days.
Gentlemen, even if you want nothing else but a quick sex with a girl from a bar (any bar, not necessary a strip club) do you listen to her at all? I don’t mean when she tells you the name of her sister’s dog, but basic information like how long she stays in the city? You need to know that if you plan to see her again. And in my opinion, when you arrange a dinner with someone, that’s a date. So when you want to date with that girl later, you don’t even care to impress her? I know this guy was a very bad example. Thank God, I’ve met the opposite type more often. But unfortunately, I have no doubts that he’s not the only one out there who urgently needs further educations about how to impress a woman. And I also have no doubts that there are girls that they don’t need more just to show them a few banknotes and they are ready to do anything to you, but I’m not talking about these cases and I’m definitely one of them.
Or another guy from yesterday. I just mentioned him I did 5 years belly dancing at back home.
“Oh ballet, great, I danced too!”
“No, I said belly dance..”
“Yes, ballet is good. Was there any famous ballet group in your city? Like Russian ballet?”
“Sweetie, I’m talking about Egyptian tribal belly dance!”
“Did you do jive as well?”
I decided it’s wiser to be quiet and just smile. End of the day he’s paying for my champagne. And I know the term ballet and belly sound similar and it’s easy to misunderstand with a loud music background, but I’m just wondering did he really hear when I corrected him? Twice?
I started to believe that we have some major communication problems here. Usually, women talk and men listen. But in some cases, men don’t listen at all! And they are surprised if we get upset and blame us for being short tempered. It’s really not a good point if you expect something later on from that woman. Just like the second guy, he asked if I would give him my mobile number and keep in touch. No, it doesn’t work in this way..!
So please Gentlemen, pay more attention to that pretty girl next to you at the bar that you want to date with, to your girlfriend and to your wife, and your life will be much smoother and you will hear less complain.
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Merry Christmas in Luxembourg

I was not supposed to be here. My original plan was to work in Reykjavik, in Iceland, for the holiday season as I know Nordic people are crazy about Christmas parties. But one day before my flight, my agency called me that the club has troubles with license and it’s shut down by the police for the moment, but the owner still wants me to go there as they can get the licence back in any time. So I flew there and was waiting for 2 weeks for something to happen but the club was still closed… After 2 weeks I have left with disappointment and came here, to Luxembourg.
The first thing to make it clear, yes, there are agencies to cooperate between clubs and girls. Usually, clubs don’t like girls working without an agency. And personally, I prefer to work with agencies because if something happens they are there to help (like finding a new place in short notice if necessary) and it’s a safer way for the dancer because they already know the club and its conditions, less unexpected thing could happen.
And I still travel a lot. After Greece, I have worked almost every country in Europe, Canada, South Africa and China, and the list is not full yet. I’ve spent some amazing time working in other countries and I loved it. Somebody just told me that the travelling is my great addiction and I must agree.
It’s also true, these kinds of problems with police always could happen. Personally, I never need to be worried because I’m working as self-employed and I pay tax and insurance and I sign contracts with the clubs all the time. Police officers just do their job and checking up recently and of course, if they find something suspicious, they start to investigate. In this business, it’s normal that police close the clubs and reopen them.
Well, instead of Iceland, now I’m here in Luxembourg. It’s my first time when I work at Christmas. Usually, clubs closed for the holiday season, but ours was open even on the 25th of December. Why did I decide to work during the holiday season? And I had a choice to stay home alone for Christmas and eating as much as I can and watching the Love Actually for hundred times or I can make some money. This time simply, the money won.
And I must say, I was curious what kind of people go to a strip club for Christmas. For me, Christmas is a family-together celebration but since I was a little girl, I wanted to know how other families spend this time. I know it’s business for me, but I feel a bit sad for those who have no family or they are far from them at that time of the year. But it seemed the people that showed up in the club don’t really care. We had a full house with party people (probably after spending a short time with their family) they just couldn’t wait to drink and put some dollars in bad girl’s panties and drink even more… And not much place open this time in the town. In one hand it was good for my business, but in other, I was so sad to see that even Christmas time people don’t want to celebrate with their families.
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