Bedtime Stories from Stripperland

I had amazing years of experience in night life working as an exotic dancer, that made me who I am today and shaped my opinion about men and relationships. During my work I have realised, lots of men don’t know how to treat a dancer, and this points to the fact that lots of men don’t know how to treat a woman. This current book is about certain situations and how men behave in clubs, I wrote it with openness and honesty. The main idea was while the whole world is judgemental towards strippers, nobody really talks about those men, who resort to our service. The book is basically a bunch of my stories about strip clubs, but focusing on the behaviour of the average customers.



The Stripper and the Yakuza

Bella’s life is full of excitement, fun, and travel as she’s working as a freelance exotic dancer. Her big dream was always to travel to Japan, and she said yes to her Russian friend’s, Natalia‚Äôs, proposal, who offered help finding a place for her in a Japanese hostess club. Upon her arrival, Bella is full of hopes and excitements, but soon she discovers the world of the workaholic Japanese customers, their lack of speaking English, and the games between clients and their obedient hostesses. By her nature, Bella is always honest and straight forward, but in Japan this in not the required behaviour. Bella becomes more and more exhausted at work, bodily and mentally, and she goes through a culture shock and feels rejected in the country of her dreams.

One day, Yoshihiro, a pleasant customer who speaks good English, appears in the club. Bella immediately spots his yakuza tattoo and realises he’s a gangster, but instead of being scared, she becomes curious.

Bella is independent, free, careless. A stripper. Yoshihiro is strong, dominant, loyal. A yakuza. Can their two different worlds meet and develop a lifelong relation?