I’m just a good girl with bad habits

If anybody asks what was my most exciting erotic experience, I always start with this story. It happened in London for quite a long time ago. But I feel I have to add it to the blog before everyone thinks I’m an innocent person (and because lately I only wrote about the pure facts of my work). So let’s talk about sex! Lately, I gave out only dry information about dancing on my blog, it’s time to spice it up! So here are some saucy bits:

That was my first night in that club and I couldn’t exactly figure out the rules.

In the interview, the manager told me it’s all about hostessing (meaning selling champagne and talking to the clients) but the club was in the basement of a hotel. Whatsoever, he ensured me there is no sexual activity involved. I remember it was a Monday night, not so busy. I worked there with 4 other girls, they were friendly and welcoming. Our shift was almost finished when two customers arrived.

One older, bold guy, he was the boss and a young, handsome guy who was the employee of the old one. They were a bit tipsy as they had a company event and they didn’t want to go home yet. So they ended up in our club. The old one knew the rules more than me – it was not his first time there for sure – and they ordered champagne for all of us. Bottles after bottles. The young guy was a chatty-box, quite intelligent though, the old one was funny. We really had a great time with them, they were easy customers. I thought so.

Not long before closing, the old guy disappeared with the manager in the back. I noticed that but I didn’t think it was a big deal. Then they came back with a huge grin on both of their faces. And the manager called one of the girls who seemed to work there for a long time and he whispered something in her ears. We had more fun but we finished the last bottle and the manager told us “OK, that was it, we are closing”. We went to the changing room, I went straight to my locker. But then I heard the others talking:

“Listen, they don’t pay enough.”

“Let’s just have some fun!”

“I need the money.”

“I don’t fuck for that money!”

“OK, so we’re gonna play with them for half an hour, but no penetration. I will tell the boss.” and the girl left.

In a minute I understood what happened in the back, what was all the whispering about. The girls didn’t talk secretly, but it was obvious I’m not involved in further business as I was a new girl and they didn’t know if I would agree or not. Suddenly one of them turned to me: “I guess you’re not interested. But we all go with the 2 guys to one of the rooms upstairs. Do you want to come?” Before I said anything, the girl came back: “They want all of us!” and looked at me impatiently.

I had 2 options: I get ready quickly and as soon as I can leave the place and get the next night bus home, or I can be naughty and have seven-some harmless adult fun.

Guess which one I chose? You’re right, the next night bus left without me.

It was not about money. The girl was right, they didn’t offer enough that I would have sex for if I’m a prostitute (I would fall into the high class and expensive category) If I remember well it was something between £100-150 each. The idea was already sick that the boss wanted to watch how his employee fucks a girl. But you don’t have this opportunity often and me having a curious nature I couldn’t turn the offer off.

The room was small and the girls were pros. They turned on the TV, it was some music channel and two of them started to dance in the middle of the room doing a small lesbian show, the other two got the guys undressed and then each other. I lost following what’s going on around me when one of the girls went down on me. I realised later that I was the only one having an orgasm that night.

I was not forced to do anything, it was my free choice. Half an hour later the girls started to get dressed and we left. For other reasons, I didn’t stay in that club for long, but until today I don’t regret it. I don’t even have a shame to talk about it.

What else can I say more: Welcome to my world of new experiences!

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Bon jour, Geneve!

Here’s I am again. I must say during a year period I was working in other places, here nothing changed. Every night the same faces. Some I truly missed. Good to see these people again and carry on the same conversion that we had a year ago. Like I had a young customer that we talked a lot about the Caribbean and Japan because he visited those places several times. And since we haven’t met I got to both places and now have lots of stories to share with him. That’s a shame I didn’t have his contact to send him a message that “Greetings from Japan!” But now I’m so happy to see and talk to him again.
I think I worked in this club on and off 5 months. Enough time to make friends and enemies. I have some good stories from this place although I didn’t enjoy every minute of working here. This is the only one place in Geneva that is not a cabaret. Cabarets are hundreds of them here, also private apartments. The prostitution is blooming here. Just on the next street behind the hotel where I stay, there are girls on the streets daytime wearing shorter skirts than I wear at work as a dancer. And some can give me a dirty look when I pass them, thinking I am a concurrency. I would not say I feel comfortable, but I try to ignore them. I’m not looking for trouble from my nature. Inside the club is a different story. This is the only one strip club in Geneva where sex is prohibited. Or at least this is what they say. Last year in my last month I got upset when almost every second guy asked me about special massage in the VIP. “Man, if you want a special massage, go to any cabaret and you can have anything you wish for!” But then I had to realise that some girls advertising this place for this kind of service and they obviously not only dance in the VIP. There were 2 girls that they took guys to their apartment provided by the club to make some extra money. How lovely is that? Forget about other dancers you share the apartment with. I never understand these girls why don’t go to work at any private apartment, they could make way more money than working in a strip club. Ok, here is less concurrency because not every girl offering the same service but still. As I heard both had trouble with the boss and they got fired after I left.
This time no different. Girls can leave with customers if the guy pays enough for the club. Other girls let finger themselves during the private dance which would be okay for me if the booths are not open. Everyone makes the money in the way she wants, but it’s disturbing when my customer sees what’s going on in the next booth and obviously he expects the same from me. Those girls have no respect for others. Or the one yesterday, basically she gave a guy a lapdance at the seating area, kissing and dry humping on him for free. I must say those customers are right when they complain about the quality of the girls here because they are getting more aggressive, more dirty, cheaper. Before I was working here with nice girls who know the business but this time very low class. And it’s a bigger problem when customers make the same comments.
Oh well, I just came back for 3 weeks and I was prepared for that. No big surprise. And as I said I met lovely guys here, I concentrate on them and don’t let those girls disturb me. There are sometimes when I don’t even want to talk to any of them and I don’t give an s*** what they think about me. As far as I see they compete with each other who can make more money and I never been interested in this kind of competition. I know how much I make and I know in what way, I never care about the other girls’ wallets. Like yesterday I didn’t make a penny but I quite enjoyed looking the others get wasted on champagne and making a show for everyone in the club. It was a weird night anyway, I even made a joke with the barman that it seems everyone is high on coke. Well, you might never know for sure.
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Good bye Skegness!

Last week was raining. I thought this week won’t be different. But I’m happy for these days in this small room alone (in the one with the window!) because I can focus on more writing and I had time for some “emotional housecleaning”. This year I wanted to go to the pilgrim’s road to Santiago de Compostella but it requires some financial background what I don’t have this very right moment. Hopefully, my bank account balance will be more stable in the spring and I can rethink it. I have this feeling that I want to be a little isolated from people. I think it’s normal if you constantly work with people (drunk, stupid,  arrogant and loud people..) to be alone in your own world to recharge your batteries. Skegness is the best from that point.
I arrived back yesterday. Everything is the same, except the weather.  Hallelujah,  the sun is shining this weekend! But it seems these are the last sunny days of the year. Today I took a nice long walk on the beach but there were not so many people there. Well, even the coach I took from London was almost empty. Last weekend when I came it was not full, but definitely more people came here for the weekend than this week. The summer is over I guess.
Even the club was empty yesterday. On a Friday evening! I had a few dances but we closed earlier because it was no point to be open. But I still like the people here. So different than in any big cities,  they don’t have a business mind and they are so innocent. I had a customer last week, he doesn’t speak too much and he’s just sitting alone with his beer, but he asked me for a dance. When I got naked, I see sparks in his eyes like a little boy when he’s unwrapping his present under the Christmas tree. Bless him! I enjoyed the dance too, I felt special and appreciated. I wish every dance would be the same. He came back this weekend and he just constantly repeated me how beautiful,  delightful,  special I am. That’s a real ego-boost for me!
Even the women are nice that come to the club. I met 2 girls in their forties and in the first 5 minutes of the conversation they honestly told me that they were prostitutes and “we are in the same boat.” I had a good talk with them, I didn’t feel any competition and bitchiness than usually. You know, there are lots of things I can’t share with my girlfriends outside from the club business. Even they know a lot about my work they can not fully understand the situations. With these girls, we wear the same social stigmas and we can talk honestly about our experiences.
I will miss these kinds of people as these are my last days here. From next week I will jump again in the middle of the mind games as I go back to Switzerland on Monday. Let’s get back to the hardcore business!
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In the Land of the Vikings

I chose this title because here actually funny but I’m experiencing the feminist side of Iceland. At least in the club. I’ve heard before that the feminist movements are strong here and Iceland has had the first openly lesbian prime minister.
So I’m not surprised when local customers (we have lots of tourists but they don’t ask such questions) ask me if I’m forced to do this job. It seems here in this country even harder to believe that a girl like me choose a job like dancing naked and we have nothing to do with prostitution or human trafficking. Actually in Iceland nudity is not allowed by law inside the club, we don’t have a stage for topless shows and during the private dance, I have to keep all my clothes on. It’s more of a champagne club where you buy champagne for the girls and pay for their time spent with you. But it seems the government brainwashed the people here and in public opinion, every club is a whorehouse. That was the reason why the police investigated our club in the past but found nothing. (I’ve heard that was quite a bad reputation for them and it has been in newspapers that they spent thousands of Euros from the taxpayer’s money buying champagne and private time for the girls just to find single evidence.) But some other clubs have been closed down. Here you can read more about this and the topic is currently still on:
In fact, at work, I’m not forced to do anything or even this is the most relaxed work I’ve ever done since I dance. (I mean from the employer’s side because girls can give me a bit of a hard time.) But basically, I can do whatever I want. I worked in clubs before where I went to the changing room to eat 1(!) biscuit and the manager followed me screaming that “what the hell are you doing here? Get back to work!” Can you imagine when you work with champagne and you need to drink, they make such a big deal about it just because you’re hungry?! Obviously, I will never go back to that club. Here I’m allowed to eat whenever I’m hungry or I can leave the club to buy some food and I can just go behind the bar to make my own drinks. Even Red Bull for free! In other clubs almost impossible to have Red Bull for the dancers because it’s sooooo expensive (?) Here we have coffees, fruits and I can take anything I need. I’m saying that because I find it funny that in the country where almost every people think I’m a slave of the club, I experience the best treatment since I work as a dancer. No one telling me “go to the customer” or “get your ass up from the chair” Nobody checking me up to where I go or what I do in my spare time, and we have a driver to take us to work and go home after work for our own safety. They even take us out for dinner sometimes. So it’s really not the kind of treatment or work environment that people think we get from our boss. This explains why girls stay here longer even in quiet times when the money is not so great. And I’m smiling when I talk to someone who thinks I’m forced to be here. I almost can picture they think we all locked in the basement and forced to go to work.
I just wish more Icelanders would read this post, and maybe it could change their minds.
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