Andiamo, prego, tutti frutti, macaroni

After 1 week of working in Pescara, I still haven’t decided if I like it here or not. I’m wondering how other clubs work in Italy because this one has a strange system for me. When I think I’ve seen every type of clubs I always must realise I haven’t and some places still can hold some surprise.
Why Pescara? Simply because one of my agency has contact with the club here and they offered a higher salary if I start between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That’s why. Some men suggested me to work in Milan as it is a wealthy city, but I don’t know any clubs there or even an agency that works with any clubs there.
Here I have free accommodation in the hotel above the club and €80 daily salary in the holiday season instead of the regular €60. I thought if I do some private dances, I’ll be fine. The first surprise that there is no private dance here. That my agency forgot to tell, they even mentioned the private dances when they sent me the club details. I feel a little bit cheated, so the other 3 dancers from the Chech Republic (they work with the same agency) The dear girl from the agency also forgot to tell us to bring normal cocktail dresses for work as the Russian girls dress up so. She told me to bring long dresses but a long stripper seethrough dress with a high cut on the side and lots of glitters is so different from an elegant pencil dress. The Russians would give me an evil eye if I wear that dress at work! Fortunately I have corsets and a pencil skirt just in case to go out, they perfectly do the job at work, but still, I show much more skin than the other girls. Not to mention that it’s so cold in the club! You think it’s just a big fuss about clothes. But like now I carry lots of unnecessary clothes in my luggage when I have to be careful with the weight limit, it doesn’t help to build up a good relationship with my colleagues when I’m more underdressed than most of them and I have to apologise and find excuses when the boss asks with a not so nice tone in his voice: “Where is your dress?”
The money is also not so good here. The customers pay my time. 20 minutes booking cost €20 for them and I got €3. (Not even the 20% drink commission as in other clubs.) It means I can make €9 per hour if I work 6 hours that 6x€9 plus the average €60 daily salary is €114 per night. But in that case, I work from opening until closing what never happens as I got booked by the customers’ choice. And I have to stay until 4 am, there is no way to leave the club at 3.55 if there is no customer. So maximum €114 a night. Do you still think strippers are super rich???
I still don’t know what is the business here for the Russian girls. They work here years, no dancing, only consummation, and as far as I know they only get the €60 fix salary, no commission. Yeah, the same thing crossed my mind too! I feel we dancers just the decoration, doing 1-2 showtime a night, and bring more customers because there are always new girls in the club as we don’t stay long in one place. Or even what is the business for the club? I just made a quick calculation that if I work all night, they got €60 from my customers in each hour, that’s €360 in 6 hours minus my salary and commission, I make €246 for the club. This is the maximum they can get after me a night. And they work with maximum 8-10 girls. No dances, no entrance fee, no bottles of champagne sold and the drinks for customers can’t be so expensive. This money in the night club business is peanuts. A club has such high expenses like licence, a stock of alcohol, music, staff etc. I wonder how they manage to keep open.
But I stay for 2 weeks only. And the club is very pretty, the staff is friendly and helpful, the accommodation is okay so I won’t complain more. And for sure on the summertime, it’s much better as the beach is only 100 meters from the hotel. Daytime you’re on the beach, at night you have a party, free accommodation and even you don’t make lots of money it can cover your flight tickets and all your expenses here, it could be a nice summer holiday.
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Goodbye 2014

After some issues with my flight – 4 hours delay and because of that I missed the last bus so I had to spend the night at the airport again and take the first bus next day – finally, I’ve arrived in Pescara, Italy. Sleeping at airports seems became my habit this year though. The landing was also awful, the wing almost touched the ground before the plane. I can say the worst landing in my life when you believe in God or not, but start to pray suddenly. But I don’t complain as I’ve safely arrived in one piece.
I just started to work, I don’t want to say anything about the job yet. I don’t make my conclusion after 1-day work, all I can say now I’m lucky enough to share the room with a nice girl I’ve met before in Corsica so I don’t feel lonely. She just asked me yesterday: “Have you ever thought that once you will celebrate the New Year’s Eve with me?” Of course not!

I must say I’m happy to say Goodbye to this year as it was not a lucky one for me. It wasn’t fruitful, all my success was about this blog. I was disappointed in friends (even close ones) but the same time I’ve found new ones. My dates were not lucky at all, but I learned a lot about men. I was also not lucky with travel (cancelled flights, sleeping at airports, going to a wrong airport – the latest I still can’t understand how I could manage) but my biggest dream to go to Japan came true in this year. Financially I used all my saving by the end of the year because the almost 2 months break I took, but I realised I have people around me I can count in crisis. So this year I got hot and cold, almost like in a love and hate relationship. But these kinds of relationships always come with lots of stress and I usually quit as soon as I can from them, same reason I’m happy to this year came to the end.

And I made the same New Year Resolution as I do in every year. I promised myself that in the new year I will try to do something new. It can be to visit a place where I’ve never been before, tasting food that I’ve never tried or it can be just to see something in a totally different way than I did before. And when I look back at the end of the year, I always realise that it was more than one new thing, actually, it’s always a big bunch of new things each year to be grateful for. I’m still busy counting them.

So now a new day, a new year and a fresh start. I’m ready to take new adventures and accept the challenges that 2015 will bring in my way.
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Andiamo, prego, tutti frutti, macaroni

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