I am a hungry Hungarian

“Where are you from?”
“Are you hungry, hahaha?”
“No. But I’m quite thirsty. Are you going to buy me a drink?”
I heard this joke a lot so I developed my cheeky answer and it never fails. But sometimes it can be so annoying, especially when you hear it more than once on the same night. We, Hungarians are very bored with it, so it’s time to forget about it. Deal? Although I’m fully aware of the situation back in my country and it’s sad but Hungary is heading to be a hungry country indeed. (But no political comments here.)
“I’m from Hungary.”
“Really? I just ordered some sushi! Would you like some?”
”You know what? I’d love to give you 2 books at this very moment. One would be an English dictionary to know the difference between hungry and Hungary, and a European travel atlas. (And f*** your sushi!)”
This guy thought he’s so funny, but I was not in a good mood to listening to this joke again. We ended up arguing and he got very angry. Even wanted to call my manager because I was rude to him!
“I’m from Hungary.”
“Are you Hungarian? You’re so white. I thought people in Hungary have dark skin like me!”
From a black guy in Toronto. Well, there are so many gipsies in Canada from Hungary, they are all there as refugees because they say Hungary doesn’t want them. And usually, they have darker skin. But apparently Canada made up the law and they send them back to Hungary because their lifestyle was not acceptable to Canadians. But it was funny that some people in Canada thought we are all the same.
“I’m from Hungary.”
“So do you have horses?”
Anybody can explain why I heard this question a few times? In Switzerland and also in Iceland. What is the link between Hungary and horses? It was a long time ago when Hungarians were riding horseback across the Carpathian base and scared the hell out of Romans. But the question is like me asking an Icelander: “Are you from Iceland? Do you have a Viking boat?”
“I’m from Hungary.”
“Do you know that originally Hungarians are from China?”
From a Chinese guy in Macau. Yes. Everything is made in China.
“Where are you from?”
“Where? Congo?”
From a Greek guy in Loutraki. I think he was the best. He tried to pick us up on a street and followed us asking questions when I was walking around with Giselle. I have no idea what he heard as my answer. Hungary and Congo have a slight bit of different pronunciation, not to mention we both don’t look exactly like Congolese women. But we still laughing at him. (No surprise, when I was on the train and asked if it goes to the airport, I ended up at the port. Airport and port are also almost the same.)
“I’m from Hungary.”
“No. Kiskunfélegyháza.”
What is basically not true but I’m laughing at the surprised faces. (I picked up a difficult one to pronounce it) Like no other city exists in Hungary expect Budapest. And Budapest, not Bucharest!
Some situations I feel ashamed, just like in Canada, according to so many gipsies there, I saw a paper on the front door of a shop “Don’t steal!” written in Hungarian. I was not so proud but again, no political comments here. Lots of boss and club owners like to work with Hungarian girls because as they say we are more respectful and there is less drama. But I can say it generally, not only in the nightlife. (Of course, exceptions are everywhere.)
So yes, I’m from Hungary. And I’m proud of it even I live in London now. And I always try to do my best to represent my country.
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4 thoughts on “I am a hungry Hungarian”

  1. You would be surprised but also so many hungarians live here in the UK.
    I came to learn English. But after athe first year I decided to stay longer and going back to Hungary still not my plan.

  2. ha ha ha – i thougth you came from Poland (many of them are living in the UK) but nevermind.
    I was in Budapest one time – very beautiful city but today also expensive to live there 🙁
    I also liked the Puszta (or Pannonian steppe) which i saw, when using a train from Budapest to Bukarest in my student time of traveling Europe (which seems centuries ago)
    But why went a girl from Hungary to London? Love? Money? or just to explore the world?

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