The Study of the Hustle (Part 2.)

In the second part of the interview this gorgeous babe, Wendy, is talking about how to gain strength, resilience and a powerful mindset via self-development and how to reach your goals and improve your income.

How was your first private dance experience?

I honestly don’t remember, I was probably very enthusiastic, over the top, drunk and making moves to produce shock value. Lol, I’ve always loved shock value, and I’ve always loved stripping haha so I shutter to imagine what my first dance would have been like. Sorry, I can’t be more specific!

Do you remember what your biggest struggle was when you started dancing, and what is it now? Has it changed or it’s still the same?

My biggest struggle was probably alcohol and also telling my family what I do. It took me five years to tell my family that I was dancing and I was so scared! I felt like I was their little girl and that I shouldn’t be doing it. When I told my brothers, they were so supportive, and one of them even said to me that I am so smart to be doing it (which is flattering as he is a genius and writes computer languages for banks trading.) The first thing my mum said was, “Well, you’d be good at it!” I felt so relieved and couldn’t believe it took me five years to tell everyone. I found getting it off my chest made my hustle and mindset even stronger!

Now, that I’m getting older, I find the late nights are getting harder, but that’s ok, mind over matter, and when I’m making money, I can persevere. I always stay until the doors close!

If you could give only one advice to baby strippers, what it would be?

Start journaling, researching and learning, treat this job as a career. Save of course, and invest your money. You can learn to become a stripper who earns consistent excellent money. You can create your future; you can invest in yourself and your life and be independent in all ways. Take control of your life, take control of your mindset and create a beautiful life and future! You are responsible for your life and get to know yourself, including, what you want, what your passions are, what you want to build and create. If you don’t decide, someone else will do for you! And that’s no joke!

Some girls hate themselves for doing this job. They belittle themselves; they poison their relationships around them, cut their family bond; they become bitter and start using alcohol/drugs. How do you keep yourself healthy and mentally stable?

My road to happiness has been long, and I have put an enormous amount of work into my wellbeing. I am not perfect, and I still work at it all of the time. I have invested a lot in personal development. I have a psychoanalyst, whom I have seen twice a week for over five years. I find connecting to self fascinating. It builds strength, resilience and a powerful mindset. I also do many other facets of self-development, including working with my beautiful coaches, both supporting me on a personal, business and spiritual level. I feel very connected to the universe, and I believe I have a strong intuition. I find it essential to connect to and listen to my inner guidance; this helps to keep me centred and happy. At times I judge myself harshly, then I remind myself, to allow everything to be as it is, and that if we are made of the same matter as the universe, why judge myself when it makes no sense to judge the universe. We must accept all parts of ourselves, even our shadows as they play a role for us as well! Spirituality, self-acceptance, self-development and overall enjoyment of life is a different journey for everybody. For me, I love to explore this as the changes I have made have been profound; many people notice. My life has improved in all areas, from abundance, health, family, relationships, spirituality and purpose. It is confronting work to delve, but it is priceless.

I have explored, psychoanalysis, coaching, kinesiology, breathwork, plant medicine, Reiki, other spiritual practices. I don’t discriminate. I also love fitness. It helps me on a mind and body level too, I like to keep up with fitness aiming for 4-5 times per week and daily walks. It helps to maintain, my body, a positive state of mind, grounding and also sleep and generally elevated moods. I also love to eat a very healthy diet, 90% plant-based and some seafood. I don’t eat other meats or dairy, and I love to listen to my body and what she needs. I don’t eat to excess, I feel all of these little pieces to the puzzle help to maintain a happy and healthy life, and this is reflected in work as it attracts abundance as your efforts are broadcast energetically.

As I mentioned earlier, I was never a hard hustler. I’m not qualified to teach how to do the hustle right, but I can tell a lot about the negative thoughts in my head that often stopped me from making the desired amount of money. How and why did you start coaching? You have also studied specific courses and are very passionate about hustling. What kind of classes did you do to maximise your earnings and to be able to help other dancers?

As I have been mentioning, any work where you can develop yourself as a person is useful. I have studied NLP life coaching, hypnosis, other energetic courses, body language courses, one on one professional sales coaching, spiritual and business coaches etc. The list goes on! I had picked what was relevant from all of these studies and combined that information with my own experience of nearly a decade of dancing. I first started this journey to help other dancers, when a colleague of mine hadn’t made any money in weeks, like literally. I gave her a few tips and bang! She made over $1000.

I continued to do this with many dancers and thus began my journey of educating myself to feel confident enough to coach appropriately. This included not only months and months of study but about two years of analysing my hustle, including what works what doesn’t work? Logging everything, recording myself doing endless hustle roleplays and investigating that. Finding patterns and creating systems. I am confident in hustling and maintain a consistent income. I want to give back to an industry which I love, which has given me so much. I want to see everyone make money and increase their confidence as I know it’s possible, only it takes work. I want customers to leave the club having spent their money and to feel positive about the experience and interaction, wanting to come back and spend more time and time again! Our industry is needed, and it is fantastic, and I genuinely want to give back and help everyone involved to make the most of their experience, whether it be the dancers or the customers!

Can you tell us more about your tailored coaching?

Yes, I conduct via Skype. They are tailored to each individual’s specific needs, so in our initial chat, I identify where there may be some issues. I love to focus on two sides of the hustle. One is the mindset, and the other is specific sales/hustle techniques and strategies. If there is some limitation interfering with the ability to hustle strongly, for example, lack of confidence, anxiety, poor beliefs around money or low self-worth etc., I address those using specific mindset techniques, and then I am clear to coach on proven strategies. There is no point giving hustle techniques to someone who suffers, for example, high anxiety and doesn’t feel comfortable approaching customers, let alone persevering after they hear a no! Our job is 100% commission, and if you can’t approach people or hustle confidently, it is a hard jam, and some dancers can become entirely effected.

If for example, you have no dramas approaching customers, however, you struggle to convert conversations to dances and upselling, I identify this and give appropriate structure around the selling side of the hustle. Everyone is unique, and I help to facilitate each individual to reach their goals and ultimately improve their income and enjoyment of their career and quite often their life outside of work as well.

My website will be live very shortly, as of July 2019. It will have free audios designed for mindset while preparing for work and also for winding down after work. Also, information detailing my interactive workshops available in Australia are in person.

Thank you for the interview, Wendy!

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