For those who missed me.. :)

I didn’t post in the past 2 weeks and started to get complains about what’s going on with me. Good news: I’ve not vanished from the surface of the plane. Not yet. Bad news: my plans just don’t go in the way they should do. I have some troubles around the flat I live in, like searching for new flatmates and dealing with electricity companies. Before Christmas that was the last thing, I wanted to do. I just planned a nice, relaxing time until Christmas focus on more writing and study but it’s not going to happen. But no worries, I will sort everything out. I’m a clever girl.

I’m still in London. When I figured out that my circumstances have been changed, I wanted to find a job here. And I remember I promised to myself to try out some London clubs but it’s a very difficult period. It used to be so good with company bonuses and Christmas parties, so no girl wants to miss it. All the clubs are full, there is no vacancy. And don’t think it’s just that easy to walk into the club from the street and say “Hi, I want to work here.” No. I had 2 interviews. To both clubs, I applied with filling up an online application form. From Windmill on Denmark Street, they called me back. I arrived on time at the club in the afternoon, they hold auditions from 1pm-4pm. The manager asked me a few questions like on a normal job interview like why I think I would be good for their club and why did I quit from my previous job (meaning from other clubs). She was just rolling her eyes when I said I worked all over in Europe and sometimes overseas. Changing so many places and clubs was not so good point for her. And then she told me on Mondays they do the weekly rota for the dancers, if they need more girls, they will call me back for the second stage of the interview when they want to see my dancing skills. It’s held just before the opening hours and I have to be there with full makeup, hair done and I need to perform a topless stage show for a song. And after they would tell me if I fit in the frame or not. (I think so many of you would love to work for them doing the interviews and watching half naked girls dancing for free!) I’m still waiting for that phone call.. it means they are full, they have no capacity to hire more girls.

The other club was the Platinum Lace at Piccadilly. “Auditions are held every day at 7 pm sharp. You can arrive at 6.30pmto prepare, change and do make-up. Please bring suitable ID with you to prove that you are able to work in the UK legally. If successful we are offering a £25 per shift house for 2 weeks on the basis that you work 5 shifts…You will be required to do a two-song audition, the second song being topless wearing a LONG DRESS. You will be assessed on the following, hair & make-up, nails, general presentation, figure, personality and your stage show. It is important you have a good level of the English language, looks alone will not secure your work at Platinum Lace.” When I arrived, I hardly passed the security guy but he let me go in finally. The club was already open, I could hear the music at the entrance. The manager, a woman who didn’t seem friendly at all arrived and without asking my name or where I am from, she just told me “Honey, I’m not doing your interview.” I was surprised. WTF?

“I got the email this afternoon about the interview..”

“Yes, but I have enough girls.” and she just turned and left me there standing with my jaw dropped. Why the hell they send me an email about the interview if there is no interview? Great! I love wasting my time. Maybe I’m only a stripper but my time is also precious! I was pretty pissed off.

Now you can see why I don’t want to work in this city. Not only the girls are aggressive but the management doesn’t seem to be nicer either. So I went home and booked myself to work in Italy after Christmas for 2 weeks. They don’t have a house fee there and they even offer a higher daily salary if I start before New Year’s Eve. Perfect! And it’s warmer there than here.

And the other thing I’m trying out – because meanwhile, I have to pay my bills – is a webcam website. All new for me, but I don’t think it would be more difficult than dealing with guys in clubs. From my point is perfect. I work from my cosy room whenever I have time, definitely, a no touching service and I don’t need to drink alcohol. And before you start to think webcam modelling is about putting sex toys in my ear or whatever hole you can imagine on my body, I have to tell it’s mainly about chatting. With one of my first guys, we were talking about baking Christmas cookies. Hell yeah, something definitely dirty about Christmas cookies!

If you’re worried about me, the guy was absolutely nice and normal and no pervert alert at all! And I’m not going to be dirtier on that site then I do during my private dances. The naughtiest thing I do on the site playing strip poker! So far I feel comfortable with.. And now I just realised where are the customers from the clubs who used to spend good money on girls. Plus because of the blog, I’m getting so many messages, more than I felt I can handle. I started to spend hours in front of my laptop answering emails, writing messages and chatting. So at least allow me to make some money out of this, please! Don’t forget I’m a hungry Hungarian, I have to support myself with food!

If you fancy a chat with me there, you can follow the link below: and you just need to enter my username xLindsayxx when you register to the field “how did you hear about us?”

Have a good weekend all!

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2 thoughts on “For those who missed me.. :)”

  1. With this I just wanted to point out that this is not as easy job as some think. In some clubs I even have to go through 2 stages interviews to be a stripper!
    Re crowdfundig that's a good idea! Thanks! I might do it…. 🙂

  2. oh! 2 weeks already passed ….
    Yeah – Finding a good job is not easy since you are a freelancer you have to manage all your free time (that's why i stay in status employee)

    Maybe think about writing a book and ask for crowdfunding – i think the people out there will support you …

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