Inside of the stripper’s house

Many of you are wondering how and where we live. I hope this little photo selection will satisfy your imagination. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t take photos of the most extreme places, but at that time I had no idea about this blog…

So here we are:

Sometimes I was accommodated in a hotel like this one. Perfect! We enjoyed the pool day and night!
In a few places, the view from the room is breathtaking…
..sometimes not so.
Some club has the accommodation for the dancers in the middle of nowhere.
We feel lucky when there is a garden or at least a terrasse attached to the house…
..other places there is not even a proper window for the room.
It’s a hard battle to deal with these stairs carrying 20+kg luggage with no help.
Some accommodations come with rules (and you can make fun of the boss’s English)
And this is when there are no rules. But cockroaches and mice yes.


And now let’s see where we actually live!

Not in luxury apartments but not on matrasses on the ground as some might think.

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