The Creator gave me a double portion of cynicism and a dash of a sense of humour to write this blog, but these are not sugar-coated stories. I wrote down everything as it happened. People always love to talk about me and my life secretly behind my back, especially when their own life is quite boring. Now please, go ahead, I give you all the dirty details!

Just imagine you pass the door of a strip club surrounded by huge neon colour lights and at the door bigger bodyguards than the neon signals themselves. Standing outside you wish to take a peek what’s going on behind the curtains. You hear the music and a woman is wantonly laughing inside somewhere close to the entrance. You always wanted to know what is in this club. Well, here I open those curtains for you.

Through these years I made my money taking off my clothes. This time I make my soul naked peeling off all these layers of secrets.

Thank you to all my clients, friends, boyfriends, sugar daddies, managers, bosses, pimps who taught me about the spirit of the male existence. Without them, I wouldn’t have these bitter-sweet stories to share and they all unwillingly cooperated in the birth of this blog.