Pearls and Femininity

Pearls are beautiful and make a woman feel great when wearing them since ancient times. The Hungarian photographer, Stefan Mogyorosi, believes that the lines of beads as they run on the womanly curves lead the eye and the play of lights and shadows on the round, flawlessly white little objects perfectly completes the black and white nude art photography. As a result, sophisticated femininity radiates from his photos.

The birth of a pearl is a long process. Natural pearls are formed inside an oyster when an irritant – usually a parasite, a piece of shell or a grain of sand – accidentally gets into the oyster’s soft inner body, and it cannot be expelled. The oyster starts to protect itself and begins to create a smooth coating around the irritant, layer upon layer. And finally, a lustrous pearl is formed. Pearls are one of the world’s most beautiful natural treasures. They are loved for their timeless aesthetic and round, flawless perfection. With their cool elegance, the beads perfectly complement the curved lines of the female body.

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