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I was hesitating if I should or should not give a face to this blog. But some of you requested in private message. Well, I don’t think I do wrong if I share my model profile here. Some fantasies can become more exciting and intense! πŸ™‚

Here it is:

Even I travel a lot I always try to make some time to pose to the camera. A dancer always needs new pictures for her portfolio anyway. And I enjoy it. Not like I have any commercial purpose with the pictures but I enjoy the creativity during shooting. I like to create something together with the photographer.

I started modelling when I was 16. A long time ago… I never took it too seriously, I never dreamed about a big carrier in this industry. It was simply fun. And when I turned 18, the photographer came to my mum to ask her permission if I can do some nude pictures with him. Why not? I never had any problem with my shape, so I thought I can’t do it wrong. And we talk about artistic nude photography here! So I went to Slovakia to the Polish board with a group of photographers. The landscape was breathtaking, with some sharp mountainous rocks over a rolling river. We went down on the river with a float and decided to walk back on a path on the riverbank. Whenever the background was nice, we stopped to take pictures. Can you imagine? Me naked sitting on a rock above the river while people enjoy their raft trip down. One raftsman noticed me and he even dropped his scull into the water. I think it was not something he expected looking up the mountains. πŸ™‚ But the winner story is when later I worked with a photographer in Vienna. We went up to the viewpoint where you can see the whole city under. It’s quite a popular and tourist spot. Me posing wearing only high heels and all the Chinese tourists are taking pictures of me not Vienna’s view. They didn’t even try to hide! I smile when I think of how many Chinese guys put my pictures in their albums about Vienna at home. The city where some crazy chicks walk around naked! Thank God, that was before Facebook and Instagram. Yeah, Chinese definitely have something to do with photography. Even in Macau once I went to work on the bus and a Chinese lady just stroke her iPhone to my face and took a photo. I was extremely surprised. I can imagine my face on the picture.. but the funny part that she started to show around my photo to her friends… just in front of me. I know, it was weird.

These days I mainly do pin-up and burlesque themed photography. These are the most suitable for my style. Boudoir and artistic nude are also exceptional. And lately, I discovered that fetish modelling also suits me. Not like in my private life I want to wear latex or beat up someone or beaten up by someone, but there is something in it. It’s good for a role play as we don’t take it seriously. And doing fetish modelling leads into some strange offers.. Last year I just got the following email:

β€œHello, we are looking for girls for a new website all about girls getting revenge on men. The girls will be kicking them where it hurts. Decent money. Real kicking! Serious offer. Interested?”

I was laughing at it for days! It’s really happening to me? (BUT I must say sometimes I regret that I didn’t answer. Sometimes I’m very tempted to do something similar when I meet an extremely stupid guy.)

As a final conclusion, I’m happy that I found ModelMayhem. It’s great! And wherever I go I can find a photographer to work with. Switzerland, Macau, Iceland, Luxembourg or even now in Guadeloupe I worked with guys I met on that site. And I’m very thankful. Not only for the great photos but the good time we spent together and some became more of a friend for me. Keep up the good work!

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